Placing Water

This tutorial was taken from the New Entity page.

1. Select the “New Brush” tool.
NewBrush Tool

2. In a 2D view, drag out a box the size you want your water to be. Adjust the size in the other 2D views.

3. (This step is not necessary for most other entities) Click the “Browse” button in the texture settings (under the tool icons). When the viewer pops up, change the filter to “water” (without quotes). Select one of the materials.
Texture PropertiesFilter

4. With your mouse cursor over one of the 2D views, press Enter. The brush should be selected if not, select it with the selection tool.

5. Click the [[mapping:cawe:editingtools:newentit|New Entity] tool
Entity Tool
6. On the far right side, select “func_water” from the drop down box. Click “Turn into (solid) entity type”.
Dropdown Box

Now compile your map, and you should see water!